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Courtesy of Valencia’s Cathedral bell-ringers - Autor: MONREAL, Belén
Courtesy of Valencia’s Cathedral bell-ringers - Autor: MONREAL, Belén

The Special Mentions of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2016 were made public today by Europa Nostra and the European Commission. This year, the Awards Juries granted Special Mentions to 14 heritage achievements from nine European countries taking part in the EU Creative Europe programme. The Special Mentions are given to outstanding contributions to the conservation and enhancement of heritage which are particularly appreciated by the Juries but which were not included in the final selection to receive an Award.

The Awards Juries accorded Special Mentions to three achievements from Spain, the host country of the European Heritage Congress 2016: in the category Research, the publication ‘The hydraulic heritage of the province of Alicante’; and in the category Dedicated Service, Mr. Ramón Mayo Fernández and Valencia’s Cathedral bell-ringers. The Special Mention recipients from Spain will be presented with the certificates by the Juries Chairpersons during the European Heritage Awards Ceremony on the evening of 24 May at the Zarzuela Theatre in Madrid.


(listed alphabetically by country)

Category Conservation

Restoration of the Art Palace of Georgia, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

“The jury appreciated the tremendous effort put into recovering the heritage of this palace and the commitment to finding a new and appropriate use for the site in a difficult situation.”

Wakening of world heritage Laodikeia, Denizli, TURKEY

“In particular, the academically precise and high-quality work on the remains of a paleochristian church (anastylosis work) was acknowledged by the jury.”

St. Giles House | Wimborne St. Giles, UNITED KINGDOM

“The personal commitment of the owner to saving the house, bringing it back to life and protecting it from complete dereliction make for an outstanding contribution to the conservation and enhancement of heritage.”

Category Research

Citroëngarage Brussels, BELGIUM

“This excellent student work which goes above and beyond the standard of a university project was particularly appreciated by the jury. It is not often that student work has such a tangible impact on heritage protection. The strategy used for the dissemination of the project by the students brought about the saving of the building, which is truly remarkable.”

The Research of Liepaja Art Nouveau Architecture, LATVIA

“This project recognised the significance of a very important architectural heritage that had suffered from destructive historical events and also undertook extensive research in the establishment of an archive, elements of the project which were very much appreciated by the jury.”

The hydraulic heritage of the province of Alicante, SPAIN

“This research was very thorough and employed systematic investigation, making it an important tool for preserving hydraulic heritage and was commended by the jury.”

Category Dedicated Service

Dr. Stanislav Bohadlo, Kuks, CZECH REPUBLIC

“The jury was impressed by Dr. Stanislav Bohadlo’s contribution and dedication to the restoration and revitalisation of the town of Kuks. His tireless commitment to enhancing the town’s heritage, in mobilising the preservation of both tangible and intangible heritage there, is of great merit.”

Neri Foundation - Italian Museum of Cast Iron, Longiano, ITALY

“The wide array of activities and documentation carried out by the foundation makes it an important and impressive contributor to the conservation and enhancement of this particular type of industrial heritage.”

Mr. Ramón Mayo Fernández, SPAIN

“The excellent standard of Mr. Ramón Mayo Fernández’s work and philanthropy was appreciated by the jury and they admired his skill in conserving Spain’s heritage to a very high standard.”

Valencia’s Cathedral bell-ringers, Valencia, SPAIN

“This organisation’s high dedication to conserving this intangible aspect of Valencia’s heritage was recognised and much appreciated by the jury, especially for their inclusion of volunteers from all generations.”

Category Education, Training, and Awareness-Raising

ArchaeoLandscapes Europe. Heritage - Data - Knowledge, Frankfurt, GERMANY

“The jury appreciated the impressive application of new technologies in training which bridges difficulties in archaeological investigations. They also acknowledged and appreciated the wide international collaboration in the project.”

Archeologiaindustriale.net - Promoting the Industrial Heritage, Viagrande, ITALY

“The jury recognised and had great admiration for the outstanding personal commitment and contribution this project makes to assist better nationwide knowledge of industrial heritage.”

Museums can change lives, Mardin, TURKEY

“This project has developed sensitivity on a local level to the heritage of Mardin and has worked to engage young people in cultural and heritage related activities, an element of this project which was appreciated by the jury.”

Wales - Reconnecting with the past for a better future, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, UNITED KINGDOM

“The holistic vision for preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Llyn Peninsula marks this project as an important contribution to heritage enhancement in Wales.”

Special Mentions of the Europa Nostra Awards were also given to two projects from European countries not taking part in the EU Creative Europe programme.

Category Conservation

Transforming the Arsenal into the Center of Contemporary Arts, Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIA

“The smart adaptive reuse of a splendid building and the introduction of modern architecture, which is in harmony with the historic fabric, made this Center for Contemporary Arts stand out.”

Category Research

Epos of the Frontier Warriors - Monument to Albanian cultural heritage in the Balkans, Pristina, KOSOVO

“The jury recognised that there is an inter-regional dimension of the research, with significance across the Balkans and felt it is important to support this type of intangible heritage which relates to both regional and European identity. The jury noted the originality of this research into the intangible heritage of the Balkans.”

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