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St. Paul's Chapel - NEW YORK CITY (NEW YORK)

“The tolling of this bell is, of course, in mourning for those who tragically lost their lives here. And it’s a reminder, for those who choose, that there’s eternal life; that God has received these gentle souls into the arms of his mercy.”
the Rev. James Cooper, rector at Trinity Church. St. Paul’s Chapel is owned by Trinity Church, further down Broadway.
The Bell of Hope was a gift from London’s St. Mary-le-Bow, which is the sister church to St. Paul’s Chapel. Installed in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel in September 2002, the Bell of Hope is rung at a ceremony every year on September 11th. It has also been rung after the bombings in Madrid, 2004; London, 2005; Mumbai, 2008; Moscow, 2010; and the Boston Marathon, 2013; and for the shootings at Virginia Tech, 2007 and in Norway, 2011.

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