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C/- The Bell Tower PO Box 5589 St George's Terrace Perth WA 6831 Australia

St Martin’s Society of Change Ringers was established in 2000 to provide regular ringing at the Bell Tower.
Since then we have trained many new ringers and welcomed visiting ringers from around the world.

Regular ringing takes place three times a week, with additional practices at various times each month.

We also provide ringing for weddings and other functions at the Bell Tower. The society also rings for important occasions such as Anzac Day; we rang for HM the Queen during her most recent visit to Perth; and we have rung several times with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. In August 2020 we rang as part of the official VP Day (Victory in the Pacific) commemorations.

There are social events throughout the year including:

The semi-formal annual dinner at which the St Martin’s Award is presented to a ringer who has substantially improved in his or her ringing, or has made another significant contribution to the life of the society, and the
Informal summer party which is held on the roof-top level of the Bell Tower.
The society owns a sizeable library of ringing reference books which members may borrow and has the use of several sets of handbells.

The society is also the custodian of the Cygnet Ring, a mobile ring of mini bells, that was donated to the Swan Bells Foundation by Dr Alan Collings. Mini rings are fast and furious fun and, while similar to tower bells, require a different set of skills to ring.

The annual membership fee is $20 for ordinary and associate members and $10 for full time students. For further details, please refer to the membership nomination form.

General ringing 12:00 to 13:00

General Ringing 12:00 to 13:00

Handling 11:00 to 12:00
General ringing 12:00 to 13:00

Check the monthly calendar for variations and extra sessions.

If you’re a visitor, please let us know your arrival and departure dates; whether you would like to ring a quarter peal (Thursdays at noon); and the methods you ring.

You are assured of a warm welcome.

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