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Our Ladye Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church - LONDON (ENGLAND)

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68 Crooms Hill

Construction date Years 1846-51
Description The Church of Our Ladye Star of the Sea is a Roman Catholic church situated south of Greenwich town centre on the west side of Croom's Hill, and west of Greenwich Park in southeast London. Built from 1846-51, it was designed by William Wardell in a Decorated Gothic style, with a landmark spire, fittings and decorative elements designed by Augustus Pugin and his son E. W. Pugin. The building was opened on the 8th December 1851, right after construction had been finished.It was constructed of Kentish ragstone with Caen stone dressings and roofed in Welsh slate, all local materials, making it look similar to how other Church buildings around the area were built. Work on the spire was completed in 1849; the cross at its apex is said to have been raised by Nelson's boatswain at the Battle of Trafalgar.The Church has a beautiful bell tower, possibly holding one bell or more. It also has a burlush opposite the tower with one bell. SOURCE: Wikipedia

The bell tower is in an overall good state in terms of conservation, all except what would have been the ringing room, which has slightly unstable wooden floorboards, which makes it a bit unsafe.
Protection Heritage Designation Grade II* Listed
Graffiti There isn't any type of graffiti in the bell tower at any point
Bells There are 2 bells in the entire church: one at the bell-gable located at the edge of the building, currently not being used. The other one is located at the bell tower, and is rung on occasions with an internal hammer hitting approximately 3cm from the end of its lip.
The bell at the bell-gable has no access.
Traditional bell ringing Manual bell ringing on special occasions, also possibly the hours.
Current bell ringing Automatic bell ringing on special occasions
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  • RIBES i LÓPEZ, Mario (02-12-2023)
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    In the northeast corner, is a canopied niche with a stone statue of the Virgin with Child, designed by A.W.N. Pugin and carved by George Myers


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    Records of the bells

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    Existing bells

    LocationBellBellfounderCasting yearDiameter (in cm)Weight
    Bell-gableBell (1)WHITECHAPEL BELL FOUNDRY2000ca4449
    Bell-towerBell (2)1550ca

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