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St. Paul's Cathedral - LONDON (ENGLAND)

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Description North-West Tower
South-West Tower
Current bell ringing 12 bells change ringing peal
Authors of the card of the Tower
  • MARTÍNEZ ROIG, Eliseo (18-03-2015)
  • MARTÍNEZ ROIG, Eliseo [Tower visit & Photo Documentation] (05-12-2017)
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    ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL GUILD OF RINGERSPractice Night 05-12-201700:56
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    Records of all bells
    Editors MARTÍNEZ ROIG, Eliseo
    Updating 12-12-2017

    Existent bells

    LocationBellAuthorsCasting yearDiameterWeight
    North-West TowerThe BangerWIGHTMAN, PHILIP17004037
    North-West TowerTreble (1)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO187878275
    North-West TowerBell (2)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO187882319
    North-West TowerBell (3)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO187886368
    North-West TowerBell (4)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO187892451
    North-West TowerBell (5)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO187897528
    North-West TowerBell (6)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO1878100579
    North-West TowerBell (7)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO1878109750
    North-West TowerBell (8)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO18781211026
    North-West TowerBell (9)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO18781331362
    North-West TowerBell (10)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO18781391555
    North-West TowerBell (11)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO18781562198
    North-West TowerTenor (12)TAYLOR, JOHN & CO18781743050
    South-West TowerGreat PaulTAYLOR, JOHN & CO188117.001
    South-West TowerQuarter Jack (1)70199
    South-West TowerQuarter Jack (2)90422
    South-West TowerGreat TomPHELPS, RICHARD1301272

  • LONDON: Bells, bell ringers and bell ringing
  • Francesc LLOP i BAYO; Francesc Xavier MARTÍN NOGUERA Metodologia dels inventaris de campanes (1998)
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