Inventari de Campanes

Trinity Church - NEW YORK CITY (NEW YORK)

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Data de construcció 19th century
Autors UPJOHN, Richard
Descripció Gothic Revival style
Protecció National Historic Landmark
Estat anterior The first church was lost in New York’s Great Fire of 1776 and the second was demolished in 1839, at Upjohn’s suggestion, after heavy snowfall revealed structural problems.
Estat actual The present building is the third on the site, consecrated in 1846 and designed by British-born architect Richard Upjohn in the 19th century Gothic Revival style.
Campanes The steeple’s 12 change-ringing bells are the only set in the United States; they rotate a full 360 degrees, producing a shimmering, cascading sound in a complex combination of changing tonal patterns. They can be heard on Sundays and special occasions.

"The bells are the gift of Dr. Martin Faulkes, a London ringer, and they remain the only 12-bell change-ringing installation in the United States. Indeed, Trinity is one of only two 12-bell change-ringing towers in North America (the other being St. James’s Cathedral in Toronto)." HENRY, David
Tocs tradicionals de campanes Change Ringing Method
Tocs actuals de campanes Change Ringing Method
Autors de la fitxa de la torre
  • MARTÍNEZ ROIG, Eliseo (01-10-2017)
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    HENRY, DavidTrinity's Bells Turn 102016
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    Editor LLOP i BAYO, Francesc
    Actualització 01-10-2017

  • NEW YORK CITY: Campanes, campaners i tocs
  • Francesc LLOP i BAYO; Francesc Xavier MARTÍN NOGUERA Metodologia dels inventaris de campanes (1998)
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