Europe is ringing: bibliografia general / Europe is ringing: bibliografía general

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13e LÉGISLATURECloches anciennes. préservation. perspectives2011
14e LÉGISLATUREProtection des cloches des églises2018
AVANUn joven valenciano impulsa la primera asociación de campaneros de Europa2015
BBCSandwich church bells silenced after neighbour's noise complaint2017
BENLLOCH, Loli; EFELas campanas que unen tradición con juventud2018
brusselslife.beThe Carillon of the Brussels Cathedral2014
COUNTRY LIFELearning the ropes: The new breed of church bell ringers2018
DAVISON, HollieLiving Heritage. The Ancient Art of Bell Ringing2017
DYEN, NickWhy Being a Bell-Ringer During the Middle Ages Was One of the Worst Jobs in History2015
EUROPA NOSTRARinging bells across Europe for the International Day of Peace2019
GIBB, BillScots youngsters find fresh appeal in the ancient skills of bell ringing2019
GIBBONS, KatieOld skill of bellringing chimes with the young2019
GODSALL, David; OWEN, DaveSt Paul’s Cathedral bells welcomed back to town2018
HALL; KING; MCCLEHAHAN; RENE; SMITH; WOODHOUSEThe Dynamics of a Ringing Church Bell2012
JUDD, XavBack on a peal2018
KENNEDY, MaevGirl offers to replace Big Ben's bongs during upcoming renovation2016
LLOP i BAYO, FrancescBells in Spain: restoration, research and new ensembles of bellringers1998
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, EliseoEurope is Ringing!2015
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, EliseoBell Ringing Nowadays: New Perspectives for an Intangible Heritage2018
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, EliseoLa música de campanas en Europa: Un patrimonio que vuelve a sonar.2018
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, EliseoTEDxTalks about Bell Ringing in Europe2019
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, EliseoTowers, bells and bell ringings. The recovery of a traditional comunitarian music2019
MARTÍNEZ ROIG, Eliseo; ROMBOUTS, LucBells. The Silence of War, the Sound of Peace.2019
MIÑANA, FernandoEliseo da la campanada2015
MIÑANA, FernandoEliseo da la campanada (PDF)2015
NOTRE-DAME DE PARISOrdre des sonneries2019
PAGE, William (Ed.)Industries: Bell-founders1911
RedazioneFiato alle campane per la chiusura del Carnevale2014
ROOZEN-KRON, F. J. M.; SCHOOFS, A. J. G.; VAN CAMPEN, D. H.Shape optimization of carillon bells1995
RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCHTypikon for Church Bell Ringing2002
SHARING HERITAGE" May it's First Peals Utter 'Peace' " - Ringing Bells Across Europe for the International Day of Peace2018
SHARING HERITAGERinging Bells Across Europe2018
St. Paul's CathedralA marathon first for the bells of St Paul's2012
St. Paul's CathedralThe bells of St Paul's reach historic milestone with 100th peal2014
St. Paul's CathedralBaby bells ring out from St Paul's for Princess Charlotte2015
St. Paul's CathedralDing Dong2015
TCHORSKILe classement Monument Historique2018

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Le dernier réparateur de clochers 196303:04
ROMBOUTS, LUCSafeguarding the carillon culture: preservation, transmission, exchange and awareness-raising 31-08-201309:38
Taccona 17-02-201503:24
DEVON ASSOCIATION OF RINGERSThe Collegiate Church of St Peter (Westminster Abbey)The bells of Westminster Abbey, London 01-01-201717:22
when Sunday Bell is ringing like this...... 04-05-201803:28
Taccona 2019 05-03-201904:34
Carillon & Clock 09-09-201902:00
Three European Rolling Bells 09-09-201901:01
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