Non-destructive characterization and dynamic identification of an historical bell tower


An accurate knowledge about the dynamics of structures is definitely useful for seismic assessment and design of risk mitigation interventions. In this paper, the opportunities provided by dynamic identification techniques for the non-destructive evaluation of heritage structures are discussed with focus on the bell tower of Announziata, a masonry tower, which shows a high damaged scenario and, consequently, a high vulnerability to dynamic and seismic forces. A Finite Element (FE) numerical model has been built for research into the structural behaviour, deformation and stress distribution of the tower under static and dynamic loading. The model has been updated considering the modal parameters obtained by experimental tests carried out on the tower. The experimental measurements were difficult because of the compromised state of the building. The dynamical identification and the model updating required several assumptions of the material behaviour and properties that are not accurately available.

Keywords: non-destructive tests, operational modal analysis, model updating, dynamic analysis, FEM analysis

CARONE, Angelo Salvatore; FOTI, Dora; GIANNOCARO, Nicola Ivan; NOBILE, Riccardo


4th International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure - Funchal/Madeira (2013)

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