Iberian Association of Campanology

As announced in the WCF congress, we are working in Spain and Portugal to create an association to represent the people who are interested in bells, in different ways: carillons, bellringing, and tuning, historic and aesthetic research.

In this moment, as far as we know there are five carillons in Spain, that is instruments with twenty tuned bells or more, and with a manual clavier, following international rules. Those carillons are:

We don’t know if there are more carillons in project or construction.

As we said, there many contacts with Spanish people, also with the carillonists of Portugal, to make an association, which could be called “Iberian Association of Campanology” – ACI (“Asociación de Campanología Ibérica”).

The formal composition of this association could be announced in the next months.

LLOP i BAYO, Francesc


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