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Authors bellr1nger
Title The bells of Westminster Abbey, London
Date 01-01-2017
Duration 17:22
Class fiesta mayor
Remarks Westminster Abbey, London: 10-bells, 30-1-15cwt in D. Rung by the Devon Call-Change Ringers: New Years Day 2017.

Upload comprises a "mash-up" of footage showing Devon Call-Changes being rung on the Abbey bells. Footage also shows rising and lowering the Abbey bells in peal.

Sincere thanks are given to Mr Jeremy R Pratt (Master) and Mr David Dearnley (Secretary) of the Westminster Abbey Company of Bellringers for granting permission for the band to ring and for the warm welcome we received. This is the first time in history that a "Call-Change" team has been allowed to ring the bells of Westminster Abbey. It was a wonderful honour, albeit a little nerve-racking. The bells are delightful Whitechapel ring cast in 1971. Several new friends were also made including David Hilling, S Clarke Walters and W John Couperthwaite.

RINGERS: Colin Adams, Scott Adams, Sue Ashton, Lee Avery, Nicola Bennie, Stuart Bennie, Steven Came, William Carew, Suzanne Driscoll, Steven Facey, Alban Forster, Elaine Grant, James Grant, Stephen Herniman, Tony Jeffery, Christine Ley, Sam Massey, Philip Morse, Andrew Phillips, Graham Sharland & Martin Sharland.
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